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Get our trustworthy plumbing help to repair leaks, clogs, and more. We can also install new stuff like pipes and fixtures and check everything to stop problems. It is important because broken plumbing can make things messy or cause health issues. 

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About Us

About Us

Pro Home Repair & Contracting LLC is about improving your home or office. You can trust us because we’re electrical, Plumbing Services, drywall, and flooring experts. We know you want to know your home is safe and cared for, so we show you how we work. We believe in being honest and empathetic because your home is where your heart is.

Our values are simple: quality work that doesn’t break the bank. Choose us, and you’ll see how we turn houses into happy homes. Your trust is the core of our business, and your happiness is our ultimate goal.

Our Services

Electrical Services

Pro Home Repair & Contracting LLC’s Electrical Services take care of all your space’s electrical needs.
We can install new electrical systems and repair any problems. We make sure your property’s electricity works safely and efficiently, so you don’t have to worry.

Plumbing Services

Get ready for a worry-free home or office with our Plumbing Services. Our expert plumbers handle everything,
From repairing annoying leaks and blockages to installing brand-new plumbing systems. We make sure your pipes, faucets, and toilets work perfectly.

Drywall installation

Upgrade your space effortlessly with our Drywall Installation service. Whether you’re building a new space or giving your current one a makeover, we’ve got you covered.
Our skilled team measures, cuts, and secures the drywall to create a smooth canvas for your ideas. Your vision, our expertise!

Laminate Flooring service

Elevate your home’s appearance with our Laminate Flooring service. Laminate flooring is a fantastic choice because it’s affordable, tough, and looks great.
Our experts carefully put down each piece, ensuring it all fits perfectly. You can choose from many different styles to get the look you want.

Budget Friendly Plumbing Services

Pro Home Repair & Contracting LLC is about improving your home or office. You can trust us because we’re electrical, plumbing, drywall, and flooring experts.

We know you want to know your home is safe and cared for, so we show you how we work.

Drywall Repair service

Give your walls a fresh start with our Drywall Repair service. Sometimes, walls get dents, holes, or cracks, but we can make them look great again.
Pro Home Repair & Contracting LLC fixes these problems so well that you won’t even notice they were there.

Drywall Installation & Repair Services

Make Your Walls Better with Pro Home Repair & Contracting LLC in Irmo, SC

  1. Superb Drywall Installation

Want great walls? Our Pro Drywall Installation team can install drywalls to make your place look awesome and work better.

  1. Drywall Repair

If your walls have cracks or holes, don’t worry. We’re good at repairing them. Your walls will look smooth again; you can paint them.

  1. Trust Us

We’re the ones to choose for anything drywall-related. Big or small, we do the job right. You can trust us for plumbing services.

Ready for cool walls? Contact us right away to discover the impact we can make!

Water Heater Installation Services

At Pro Home Repair & Contracting LLC, we ensure you have hot water whenever needed. Our friendly team in Irmo, SC can install a new water heater for you. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and lots of people are happy with our work. 

Hot water is super important for showers and cleaning, so having a good water heater matters a lot. Just imagine cozy showers and dishes without any hassle. We’re the ones to call if you’re looking for plumbing services or a new water heater. Contact us today for Professional Electrical Services in Elgin SC.

Comprehensive Residential Plumbing Services

No More Plumbing Worries. Say goodbye to home plumbing problems! We can fix leaky taps, blocked drains, and more, making your home comfortable again.

Quality Service, Easy Living Make your life easier with our dependable plumbing work. We care about your home comfort and provide top quality plumbing services.

Do you face plumbing problems at home? We’re here to help in Irmo, SC. Our skilled plumbers know about home plumbing. We want to make your home comfy again! We’re all about good quality and making you happy at home. Let’s get your plumbing sorted!

Hire Our Professional Plumbers

Hire the best plumbing contractor from Pro Home Repair & Contracting LLC in Irmo, SC for best plumbing services. Our skilled team can fix all your plumbing problems. From small leaks to big installations, we’re here to help. We know how important working plumbing is and understand how problems can bother you.

Plumbing Services Benefit:

  • Skilled & Trustworthy
  • Quick Solutions
  • Fair Prices
  • Complete Repairs

We know how much you need your plumbing to work well daily, so you can hire our professional plumbers. They always do a great job. Don’t worry about plumbing problems ruining your day – contact us for friendly and reliable help that you can trust.

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